Square coffee table

Clean lines and elements of different materials give this elegant square coffee table its characteristic timeless style.
It is mounted on a metal frame finished in brass, black or raw metal. A solid oak top that adds an elegant contrast.

Square coffee tables are available with a wooden or glass bottom shelf.
The lower shelf is perfect for coffee books, a smartphone or your favorite accents, while the upper one provides enough space for a tray of appetizers and smoothies. Moreover, clean and simple lines complement all kinds of different styles of decor with ease, making them easy to add to almost any living room.

The square coffee table is a universal piece of furniture that will find its place in any arranged space.
Thanks to such a simple and universal form, you will create sensational and, above all, comfortable arrangements for your home interior. Tables of this type are very adjustable. Depending on their size, they are perfect for large flats, small flats, offices and receptions.

Square wooden coffee table

By combining several square wooden tables with each other, we can obtain unique furniture and visual compositions. The tables have beautifully carved wooden tops. Square oak coffee tables as smaller pieces of furniture, they can be used as bedside tables or as auxiliary tables. They will be perfect for bold loft and industrial styles where minimalism and a sharp line are needed.

The advantages of square tables:
- modern design,
- simple and universal form,
- functionality and versatility,

A square coffee table is a perfect place for decorative elements as well as plants or lighting.

Square coffee table with a storage

A square coffee table with a storage is a perfect combination. A table with a shelf gives you additional options for storing small items under the main tabletop. A coffee table with shelf is the centerpiece of any living room furniture layout and creates the perfect entertainment space. Perfect for decorative serving trays and even board games for evening games with friends and family. Get more out of your space by choosing the right shape based on the seating layout and room size. Round tables are easy to move and square tables go well with the sections. Get rid of clutter and hide magazines, books and essentials with coffee tables for storage.

Depending on the decor of your space, you can choose from a variety of styles such as modern, traditional, rustic and more. At Target, you are sure to find a coffee table that suits your space and lifestyle.

Shipping of square coffee tables

Possible shipping to the United States (USA), and European Union countries.
We set the dispatch of tables and the shipping cost individually.
If you want to know what the shipping cost will be, please contact us.

How to buy square coffee tables?
You can buy directly from us or via Etsy, Allegro, Ebay, Finn.